Rattan Cane Pre-Woven Panelling

Bauhaus Cesca Chrome Framed Cane Seats and Others.......

Probably the most popular and well known chairs using pre-woven cane panelling are the "Bauhaus Cesca" chrome framed chairs of the mid 20th century. They were retailed in great numbers by Habitat, John Lewis and others and are still available and very popular today. But cane panelling is used in loads of other ways, some might surprise you - how about the interior of an American car for instance, or on a horse drawn Landau? It's all true! We replace the cane in all of these things as well as canoe seats, radiator covers and boat lockers.

The cost to replace a Bauhaus chair seat is from £50 or a back from £25. Average turnaround time is about two weeks. We can also tint new cane to match old panels, for example if you have a seat that needs replacement but the back is okay, then we can match the new seat to the colour of the existing back. We charge an extra £10 per panel for tinting.

How would you get your seat frames to us for replacement? The best option is via the post or a courier, (well wrapped and boxed of course). Please make sure that you use our full address as given on the contact page and please, please don't forget to enclose your own contact details in the parcel! We usually return the replaced seats with our next day courier at a cost of £12.50 for up to 10 panels. If you want to have a go at replacing the panels yourself, a DIY cane panel kit is available from Seat Weaving Supplies

The gallery below shows a sample of some panel replacements. If you click on the photos, a larger image should appear.