Complex Cane Woven Patterns

Specialist Weaves

There are other more complex closely woven patterns found on some chairs. Iconic mid-century designs like the "superleggera" chairs by Gio Ponti have seats woven in an intricate pattern using very fine cane whilst many of Hans Wegner's enduring classics have open weaves using larger cane. But it is some of the 19th century chairs that have the most complicated knotted close woven cane patterns. These chairs usually look as though they should have rush seats as the rails are the same shape, but there are holes drilled through the rails at intervals, not many, but these are the tell-tale signs that the chair is top quality and originally would have had a beautifully crafted "skeined" seat of either willow or cane. These specialist weaves are very time and material consuming so are more costly to replace than other seating methods. As an example, a small closely woven seat costs from £125 to weave. Please phone or e-mail us if you would like more details.

We also rebind pot handles, mainly on arts and crafts "Tudric" pewter ware, Poole pottery and silver teaware. The average cost of a handle is £20-£25 depending on the complexity of the weave.

How would you get your furniture or pot to us for repair? One option would be to come along and visit us. We are close to the New Forest and the beautiful south coast, so a good excuse for a mini break perhaps?! Or for an estimated repair cost, you could send us a photo via e-mail. Smaller items can be sent to us via the post or a courier, (well wrapped and boxed). Give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

The gallery below shows some of the specialist weaves that we do. If you click on the photos, a larger image should appear.

For a description and costs of replacing the traditional six way weave pattern please visit this page, or for pre-woven cane panels, please visit this page.