The Six Way Weave

Traditional Six Way Cane Weaving

Most cane woven patterns are based around the traditional six way weave, so called because there are six separate stages to the process. In furniture that requires this type of weaving, there will be a series of holes drilled through the perimeter of the frame, sometimes the holes may not be drilled right through to the other side, this is known as "blind" canework, usually found on the backs and arms of top class furniture. We are able to replace any of the patterns, even if it is double sided, sunrise effect or "blind". Please click on any of the photos in the gallery below to see larger images of some of our work.

Hand woven cane weaving replacement costs from £1 per frame hole and an average bedroom chair seat is usually 80-90 holes. To lightly tint the new cane to look old we charge an extra £10 per panel. Sunburst, medallion, blind or double sided work attracts a premium on standard price, please ask us for more details. If you would like to have a go at doing it yourself, a kit is available from Seat Weaving Supplies or we can supply a training DVD, details here.

How would you get your furniture to us? One option would be to bring your chairs along and come and visit us. We are close to the New Forest and the beautiful south coast, so a good excuse for a mini break perhaps?! Or for an estimated repair cost, you could send us a photo via e-mail. Smaller items can be sent to us via the post or a courier, (well wrapped and boxed). Give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

For a description and costs of replacing pre-woven cane panels please visit this page, or for complex close woven designs and wrapped handles, please visit this page.