Rush Weaving

Natural Rush Materials

Natural rush seats can be created using either hand twisted or pre-twisted rush cord. Hand twisted cord takes considerably longer to do than using pre-twisted, so the cost for this service is much higher. For us to replace an average dining chair seat, (15" x 14") using pre-twisted rush the cost is around £90, carver seats from about £110. Hand twisted rush seats start from around £150. If you would prefer to have your seat rewoven in man made paper fibre rush, please visit our page here for a full description and price guide.

Magistretti Carimate drop in seat pads are our speciality, in fact any drop in seat pads with "covered corners" or continental patterns. The cost to replace these using pre-woven material is £95-£110 each. If you would like to have a go at re-seating your own rush chair, various kits are available from Seat Weaving Supplies.

How would you get your furniture to us for repair? One option would be to bring your chairs along and come and visit us. We are close to the New Forest and the beautiful south coast, so a good excuse for a mini break perhaps?! For smaller items like drop in pads send them to us via the post or a courier, (well wrapped and boxed) or for a quotation you could send us a photo by e-mail. Give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

The gallery below shows some of the rush weaving that we do. If you click on the photos, a larger image should appear.