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How to Restore a Hand Woven Cane Chair Seat

This is the first of a series of DIY Guides now available as a downloadable e-book. Only $2.99 (about £1.90) follow the link here to Amazon and have a look inside! DIY Guide

"A Beginners Guide to Cane & Rush Seating" DVD has five chapters/projects:Beginners Cane & Rush DVD.

Introduction - How to recognise which method of seating is needed on the chair frame. Where to buy antique chairs and what to look out for, how to spot hidden damage and poor repairs. What can be successfully restored and more importantly, what can not, plus a description of the materials used and where they come from.

Rush Stool - The first and easiest project. How to re-rush a simple footstool using paper fibre.

Rush Chair - The next stage. How to work rush onto a "trapezoidal" frame, and how to "stuff" the seats.

Cane Panel Chair - How to replace pre-woven cane panelling including how to tint the canework to match older panels.

Hand Woven Cane Chair - The six stages of weaving clearly explained including the preparation of the frame beforehand.

The DVD has been filmed at various locations over two years and is informal, we hope that by watching us work in our normal way you will find the instruction easier to follow. Concise written instructions have also been included giving extra useful information.

There is one short extra chapter included as a "special". During the course of filming we took on a large project - the restoration of a Bedford classic mahogany horsebox - it took us 800 hours labour and three months to complete. This extra chapter is the story of "Bernard" the Bedford.

"Advanced Techniques in Cane Seating" DVD has seven chapters/projects:

Advanced Techniques in Cane Seating DVD.Introduction - Our welcome and what it is like demonstrating craft at large events.

French Steamer Method- How to use the steamer tool to weave fine French cane. Bergere - How to work on larger "bergere" furniture with double sided panels and "blind" canework.

Medallion - The processes involved in creating the ever popular "medallion" weave are shown in detail.

Fan Back - Sunburst or sunrise cane backs, a variation of medallion work shown being worked on a very pretty walnut chair. Close Woven - The intricacies of two knotted close woven cane patterns explained clearly.

Curiosities - A few unusual items that have passed through our workshops.

"Advanced Techniques in Rush & Cord Seating" DVD has eight chapters/projects:

Advanced Techniques in Rush & Cord DVD.Introduction - Our welcome

Covered Corner Drop In" Seat Pads - Three different methods of working a drop in seat that has weaving right into the corners and how to work the continental rush pattern including the "Vico Magistretti" seat design.

Hand Twisted Rush - How to prepare and twist rush to create the ages old traditional seat. This chapter also includes two different methods of squaring up a trapezoidal chair.

"Arm Through" Seats - The processes involved in removing the arms and working a seat where the arm support passes through the seat rail.

Danish Cord Work - How to weave the popular two by two pattern onto single and double railed chairs.

Cordon French Straw Wrapped Rush - How to work with this difficult material

Seagrass/Mixed Media - A short chapter of ideas!

Farewell and Out Takes - An extra. It's the last DVD in the Trilogy, so have a laugh at our expense!

VERY IMPORTANT - Non-UK customers.

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